Styrassic Night is a magical time when the park becomes mesmerizing as night falls
transformed into a sea of lights.

Free choice of 5 dishes on site:

Viennese Spaghetti Goulash soup Tortellini Chicken nuggets
from pork with fries or ricebolognese or Tomato sauce with Homemade salad from the buffetwith bread dumplings with garlic butter or tomato sauce and buffet salad with cocktail sauce and fries

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Organizational matters

Arrival time
Responsible person

Our reservation offer for Florianis with fire department ID:

from 18 years
from 15 - 17.9 years
from 3 - 14.9 years
from 18 years
from 15 - 17.9 years
from 3 - 14.9 years

After you have made your reservation, we will email you the confirmation and the deposit amount. If you’re with us then When the person in charge arrives, the tickets and meal vouchers will be available for collection at the cash desk. If someone is canceled, you will receive a consumption voucher card for the same amount.
Please simply email your reservations to

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