Behind the Scenes: The Making of Styrassic Night

Join us on an exclusive journey behind the scenes of the fascinating Styrassic Magic Lights Forest in the heart of the Magic Lights Park. In this article we will reveal a bit of how we bring the magic to life…

The Birth of the Styrassic Light Magic Forest:

The Styrassic Light Magic Forest is the result of countless hours of hard work, passion and creativity. From ideation to implementation, our talented teams worked with dedication on every detail.

The magic of lighting: Experience how the atmosphere of the magical forest of lights is shaped by clever lighting. Our experts used innovative techniques to bathe the dinosaurs in a soft, glowing light that not only emphasizes their impressive size but also creates a fairytale atmosphere.

In the photo you can see our cats sitting on top of the dinosaurs, which are already partially illuminated, capturing the magic of the park in a very special way.

Bild von hinter den Kulissen vom Lichterzauber Park

The birth of magic

In this phase of the creation process, the raw sculptures wait patiently to be brought to life. Watch the artworks rest in the dark as the team prepares to illuminate them with the warm glow of lanterns. This moment of waiting is filled with anticipation and excitement as the characters wait to reveal their full glory.

The opening of Styrassic Night at Lichterzauber Park ushers in a new era of entertainment. This magical place promises unforgettable adventures and moments of fascination for visitors of all ages. Be there when the dinosaurs come to life and the forest shines in a soft light as cats walk curiously around the dinosaurs.

Ein Bild hinter den Kulissen von Styrassic Night

A look into the future

The Styrassic Light Magic Forest is not only a place of entertainment, but also a place of creativity, innovation and magic. From inception to reality, this park is the result of tireless efforts and passionate dedication. Stay tuned for the opening of Styrassic Night at Lichterzauber Park and experience a world where dinosaurs, lights and cats come together in harmony. We invite you to become part of this extraordinary adventure and experience the magic up close!