The top 10 light parks in Austria

In winter, Austria is known not only for its picturesque landscapes, but also for its magical parks of lights. From glittering dinosaurs to vibrant fairytale worlds, these parks offer an enchanting atmosphere for visitors of all ages. In this article we introduce you to the top 10 light parks in Austria!

1. Styrassic Night (1st place):

Bild vom leuchtend bunten Strauß im Lichterpark Styrassic Night

Styrassic Night in Styrassic Park is the largest light park in Austria (Styria, Bad Gleichenberg) and the ultimate winter wonderland. Here dinosaurs come to life, accompanied by a breathtaking hologram laser show. The park offers a unique experience where majestic swans and other fascinating creatures shine in the soft light. With an enchanting Advent market and a stunning backdrop, Styrassic Night is an unforgettable experience.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds (2nd place):

Bild von leuchtenden Swarovski Kristallwelten

The Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Tyrol (Wattens) not only offer glittering crystals, but also a fascinating park of lights. The artfully illuminated sculptures and installations create a magical environment that captivates visitors.

3. Lichterwald am Pöstlingberg (3rd place):

Bild von Pöstlingberg

The Pöstlingberg in Upper Austria (Linz) is transformed into an enchanting forest of lights in the run-up to Christmas. The park offers scenic views of the city and is the perfect place for a romantic getaway surrounded by thousands of lights.

4. Illumina Garden of Lights (4th place):

Bild von Illumina Lichtergarten

The special thing about Illumina in Lower Austria lies not only in the beautiful light installations, but also in the loving design of the park landscape. Here, light effects meet the natural splendor of flowers, trees and ponds. The garden of lights becomes a living painting that enchants the senses and inspires the imagination.

5. Fairytale Advent in Hellbrunn Palace (5th place):

Bild von Hellbrunn

Hellbrunn Palace in Salzburg is transformed into a fairytale park of lights every year. The magnificent gardens and buildings are decorated with thousands of lights as visitors stroll through the magical atmosphere and enjoy the festive spirit. Hellbrunn from Styrassic Night Light Park article

6. Lumagica (6th place):

Bild von Lumagica

Lumagica in Tyrol takes you on a journey through fantasy where light and creativity merge. The artfully illuminated sculptures and installations create a fairytale atmosphere that captivates visitors of all ages.

7. Lilienberg Lightpark (7th place):

Bild von Lichterpark Lilienberg

The Lilienberg Lichterpark is a hidden gem in the Austrian Carinthian countryside that captivates visitors. As darkness falls, the park awakens to a fascinating play of lights, with artfully illuminated lilies and paths emphasizing the natural beauty of the grounds.

8. Hof Castle (8th place):

Bild von Schloss Hof Weihnachtsmarkt

The Christmas market at Hof Castle in Lower Austria is an idyllic place for visitors seeking traditional crafts and festive entertainment. The castle park is bathed in a magical sea of lights while visitors can enjoy the festive atmosphere.

9. Luminale Graz (9th place):

Bild von Luminale Graz

Luminale Graz is a spectacular festival of light art that immerses Graz, the capital of Styria, in a fascinating sea of lights. During this event, light artists from around the world come together to present innovative light installations and projections.

10. Festival of Lights in Belvedere Park (10th place):

Bild von Lichterfest Belvedere

The annual Festival of Lights in Belvedere Park in Vienna is a magical event that attracts visitors from all over the world. The park surrounding the famous Belvedere Palace is enveloped in artistic light installations during this festival. The historical statues, fountains and plants are accentuated with soft highlights, and the park becomes a fairytale setting.