The top 10 Advent markets and Christmas markets for a festive atmosphere

1st place: Advent market in the Styrassic Night magic light park

Bild vom Adventmarkt im Styrassic Night Lichterzauber Park
  • Where: Bad Gleichenberg, Styria
  • Particularities: The Advent market is located in the middle of a magical park of lights and offers punch, mulled wine, Christmas cuisine, handicrafts and a unique experience with a hologram laser show and live dinosaurs.

2nd place: Christmas market at Rathausplatz, Vienna

Bild vom Christkindlmarkt am Rasthausplatz
  • Where: Vienna, state of Vienna
  • Particularities: The Christkindlmarkt on Vienna’s Rathausplatz is one of the best-known and largest Christmas markets in Europe. The magnificent setting of the town hall and the huge selection of traditional delicacies make this market special.

3rd place: Salzburg Christmas market, Salzburg

Bild vom Salzburger Chriskindlmarkt
  • Where: Salzburg, state of Salzburg
  • Particularities: This market, which wraps around the cathedral, is steeped in historical charm. Handicrafts, lively music and the smell of freshly baked gingerbread ensure an unforgettable experience.

4th place: Innsbruck Christmas Market, Innsbruck

Bild vom Inssbrucker Chriskindlmarkt
  • Where: Innsbruck, federal state of Tyrol
  • Particularities: The enchanting old town of Innsbruck provides a picturesque backdrop for this market. The unique combination of traditional handicrafts and modern design products attracts visitors from all over the world.

5th place: Linz Christmas market, Linz

Bild vom Weihnachtsmarkt in Linz
  • Where: Linz, state of Upper Austria
  • Particularities: The Linz Christmas market is known for its artistic decorations and unique gift items. Visitors can purchase local specialties and handmade souvenirs here.

6th place: Graz Advent market, Graz

Bild vom Grazer Adventmarkt
  • Where: Graz, state of Styria
  • Particularities: The Advent market in Graz, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, seduces with its contemplative atmosphere. Here you can try local delicacies and enjoy the festival surrounded by art and culture.

7th place: Klagenfurt Christmas market, Klagenfurt

Bild vom Klagenfurter Chriskindmarkt
  • Where: Klagenfurt, state of Carinthia
  • Particularities: The Klagenfurt Christmas market impresses with its lovingly designed stalls and its proximity to the idyllic Wörthersee. Here visitors can discover regional specialties and handicrafts.

8th place: Bregenz Christmas market, Bregenz

Bild vom Weihnachtsmarkt in Bregenz
  • Where: Bregenz, federal state of Vorarlberg
  • Particularities: With Lake Constance as a backdrop, the Bregenz Christmas market offers a unique atmosphere. Here visitors can admire local craftsmanship and enjoy regional delicacies.

9th place: Lienz Mountain Christmas, Lienz

Bild von der Lienzer Bergweihnacht
  • Where: Lienz, state of Tyrol
  • Particularities: The Lienz Mountain Christmas is known for its breathtaking location in the Alps. Visitors can taste local delicacies here and enjoy the unique mountain panorama.

10th place: Lustenau Christmas market, Lustenau

Bild vom Lustenauer Weihnachtsmarkt
  • Where: Lustenau, Vorarlberg state
  • Particularities: The Lustenau Christmas market attracts with a cozy atmosphere and a wide range of handicrafts and regional specialties. Visitors can get into the pre-Christmas spirit here.